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What Are The Influences Of PVC Flooring
- Apr 17, 2018 -

The popularity of PVC flooring in the field of land has been very high, especially in hospitals, schools, offices and factories. But there is a widespread interest in flooring selection, such as lowering prices and "cheap".


Low price PVC floor has many problems, such as homogeneity PVC sheet floor, the cost is very low, but because of the quality of the sheet floor itself, it must be finished after the completion of the wax treatment. If you want to use no problem in the future, you must first wax 3-5 times, and the best way to wax every month in the future. The low price PVC coil floor wear-resisting layer is relatively thin, generally can only meet the national minimum abrasion speed requirement, and the service life is relatively short. At present, the competition of low price PVC sheet flooring is fierce. This floor technology content is low, and the result of vicious competition is less and less PVC components. Market prices are also transparent, floor sellers, manufacturers have no profit, sellers can only rely on manufacturers to return sales, manufacturers rely on workers to increase the market to reduce costs, floor quality generally decline.


Too low construction cost, the same construction should also pressure cost, the construction units in order to guarantee the basic profit, the construction cost can only be reduced, the last bad luck or the use of units. It is often said by Chinese people that cheap goods are not good, but good goods are not cheap. No company is willing to do business at a loss.

When we choose, we must go through thorough investigation and consultation. For quality effect, we must choose professional companies.