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What Is A Real PVC Sporty Flooring
- Apr 28, 2018 -

The sports floor is a kind of floor specially developed for the sports ground. As soon as the floor of the sports floor is mentioned, people will think of the wooden floor that is seen in the NBA basketball game. The wooden floor as a sports floor is widely used in table tennis, volleyball field, badminton court, basketball court, gym, stage and so on.


What is a PVCsports floor?

Wood floor as a sports floor is very familiar to everyone, in addition to the wooden floor, there are PVC plastic floor, acrylic floor, silicon PU floor, suspension assembling sports floor, these sports floors are often seen in reality, these can be used in the sports field, that why tiles, ground Slab tiles are not sports floors. How can they be considered as sports floors?


Floor standard for moving floor

1. Comfort

When the moving floor collides with the limbs, a moderate deformation will occur. When the person wrestling or slipping, the floor is like a sealed mattress, which has a good cushioning effect and reduces the harm to the human body.

2. Vibration absorption

When people are moving, they will shake the floor, and athletes will be affected by the opposite impact from the ground. If the impact is large, the ankle, meniscus, spinal cord and brain of the human body will be damaged to varying degrees. The moving floor has the capability of absorbing impact energy, thereby protecting the athletes' safety in motion.

3, friction coefficient

Research shows that 12% of basketball players injured in the rotation process. The friction coefficient of the moving floor indicates whether the floor is too frictional (which reduces the flexibility of rotation) or is too slippery (which will increase the risk of slipping). Considering the athletes' ability and safety, the friction coefficient should be the best value between 0.4-0.7.

4, spherical resilience

The test of ball resilience is to drop the basketball from 6.6 feet to the floor and test the rebound height of the basketball. This data is expressed as a percentage. The height of basketball rebound on the cement floor is the standard of contrast, reflecting the difference of springback height.

The rules of indoor ball games require the use of ground for sports competition or training, such as basketball, such as ball movement and the rebound of the ball, the ball should be more than or equal to 90% on the ground on the ground.

5. Rolling load

The load-bearing load of the professional sports floor and the service life must meet the requirements of the competition and training. For example, when the active basketball frame and related sports facilities move on the floor, the surface and structure of the floor can not be destroyed. This is the rolling load standard and concept described by the German DIN standard.