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What Is The Characters Of SPC And LVT Flooring
- Feb 27, 2018 -

There are two types of floors in the PVC floor, one is the SPC floor, the other is the LVT floor, and what are the characteristics of the two floors, which are the same as the PVC floor? LVT floor is not only the appearance can be wood grain, SPC plate equipment factory, as the elastic floor of the PVC material, LVT is also a unique charm floor. From the following three aspects of understanding SPC floor and LVT floor:

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1. elastic, one step SPC floor equipment, different from stone, tile and other hard materials, LVT imitation stone flooring to give people a more comfortable experience.

2. balance health, skid, LVT floor has a unique anti skid ability, SPC floor, at the same time ensure that enough pollution resistance, easy to clean.

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3. mould proof, no worms, SPC floor machinery, wear resistant and durable, LVT floor floor is lime and PVC mixture, good stability, the surface is pure PVC wear resistant layer, high wear resistance. LVT also has the advantages of scientific and technological products with the risk of wood flooring and the risk of insect pests.

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