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What Is The Difference Between PVC Plastic Floor And Rubber Floor
- Jan 03, 2019 -

The difference between pvc plastic floor and rubber floor

Oak Pattern PVC Vinyl Floor

  1. Color difference: colouring of rubber floor is more difficult, because rubber has very strong color absorption, so the color of most rubber floor is relatively simple; And the design and color of PVC Plastic Floor is very much, can combine arbitrarily, the choice that gives owner and stylist also can be more.

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  2. The difficulty of installation: the PVC Plastic Floor is light in texture and easy to install; the rubber floor is heavy and the installation is laborious. Moreover, the installation method of the rubber floor is more strict. If the method is not correct, the requirements for the self-leveling foundation are more perfect, and the base layer is also defective.

  3. Market demand and wear resistance: rubber flooring is used only in some high-end places due to its high price. The range of PVC Vinyl Flooring is very wide due to its high cost performance, and the market potential is huge. In addition, rubber flooring is more wear-resistant and is suitable for use in airports, stations, and other places where traffic is heavy, as well as in vehicles, trains, airplanes, subways, ships, and other vehicles.

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  4. Composition and production process: rubber flooring is divided into homogeneous and heterogeneous. Homogeneous rubber floor refers to the floor which is vulcanized by single or multi-layer structure with the same color and composition based on natural rubber or synthetic rubber. Non-homogeneous rubber floor means that the floor is based on natural rubber or synthetic rubber. The upper layer comprises a wear layer and other compact layers which are different in composition and/or design, and the compact layer comprises a skeleton layer.

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In general, before we buy the floor, we must first define our own needs, do not spend money but do not buy what we want.

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