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What Is The Main Difference Between The Price Of PVC Vinyl Flooring
- Dec 26, 2018 -

PVC Vinyl Flooring is a high-tech product. From the outside, it is not easy to distinguish its quality, unless it is quality tested. The price difference of PVC Vinyl Flooring is very different. What determines?

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  1. The quality of the substrate determines the quality

    The most costly piece of PVC Vinyl Flooring is the substrate layer. The quality of the substrate layer directly determines the quality of the PVC Vinyl Flooring. Most manufacturers use 100% new materials, but some manufacturers use recycled materials to reduce costs, so in general, the quality is better. The price of PVC Vinyl Flooring will be higher.

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  2. The brand affects the price level

      In addition to the substrate, PVC Vinyl Flooring is also related to the size of the plant. When we bought the wooden floor, we found that the factories with larger scales are more expensive than those produced by the small factories. This is the long-term feeling of people. After all, the big factories are guaranteed in terms of word of mouth and quality. When we buy wooden flooring, we try to choose the PVC Vinyl Flooring of the big brand, and the quality and health are more secure.

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  3. Other factors determine the price

    There are still many factors affecting the price of PVC Vinyl Flooring. For example, the quantity of purchases and the pricing of dealers around the world will affect the price of PVC Vinyl Flooring.

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In general, the price is still affect the quality!