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What Make 3C SPC Flooring So Beautiful Hexagonal
- Feb 28, 2018 -

What make 3C SPC flooring so beautiful -Hexagonal

As SPC flooring starts to use in everywhere, from privata houses to public places. more and more customers recogized that SPC vinyl flooring is a such good thing to make their lives better, beautiful, but easier.


Hexagonal vinyl flooring is not only could be used on the ground, but also use in all space of your room, as your imagination; it could be a part of your living room, or the wall decoration in your bath room

六边形 14 600 450.jpg

The use of hexagonal SPC florring seems to be common in architecture or interior design. It can be seen almost everyday. In the hands of designers, it is almost the representation of fashion and modernity.It can combine with all kind of ground materials, which extend your dream endless.

六边形 14 600 450 (2).jpg