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What To Do If The Wooden Floor Is Moldy
- Apr 20, 2018 -

What to do if the wooden floor is moldy

Most wood floor cleaners use wet mops or rags to clean them. During this process, excessive residual water stains will stay on the surface of the wooden floor or even penetrate the joints. In the long run, it will cause mildew on the LVT wooden floor. Problems such as arching. The following Xiao Bian gave everyone a chance to talk about the reasons for moldy wood flooring and how to prevent it.
the reason

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1. In the wooden floor near the bathroom and kitchen, people often accidentally spill water on the floor. In addition, drying wet and dry clothes in the room, or mopping the floor with wet mop can cause mildew.

2. In a relatively dry environment, many mold mycelium drift in the air, when the temperature is appropriate, the environment is wet, these molds grow in large quantities, so that it will also lead to mildew in the floor. Of course, the proliferation of microorganisms in the floor material will also be one of the causes of floor mildew.

3. Floor mold is caused by mold, but there are three factors that cause mildew on the floor, namely mold, temperature and humidity, but generally speaking, the laminate floor will be subjected to high temperature hot pressing in the production process, and none of these molds are not present. These three have nothing to do with the quality of the floor itself. Therefore, floor mildew cannot determine the quality of this product.

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Prevention and resolution
1. Before the installation, check the goods in Kaifeng to see if there are signs of mildew and insects on the floor, and if there is any damage, etc., first ensure the quality of the floor covering products before installing them.

2. Under normal circumstances, the floor moisture content should be maintained at 8%-13%, so it is very important to keep the vinyl tile floor dry and clean.

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3. During the rainy season, there was indeed a moldy floor crack. In the face of such problems, consumers can use rags and oxalic acid to wipe the moldy spots on the floor crevices, and then use a rag to dip in boric acid and borax (saturated 1 to 1 solution) or alcohol, and then wring out the rags. Wiping the cracks on the floor several times will kill the mold and reduce the chance of mildew.