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Which LVT WPC SPC Sheet Floor Will Be The Mainstream In The Future
- Aug 13, 2018 -


There are three main types of LVT flooring: vinyl locking, dry back, loose laying. From another perspective, LVT flooring can be divided into: Dry Back lock (Loose lay).

The bottom to the surface are sequentially composed of a backing layer, a core layer, a glass fiber, a decorative paper, and a wear layer.

LVT flooring

dry back LVT floor

WPC floor:

WPC combines the waterproof and stability of LVT and is also easy to install like a laminate flooring.

The addition of cork and EVA mats, foot feel and sound insulation are better than LVT's lock floor.

WPC uses environmentally friendly materials that are more environmentally friendly than laminate flooring.

In short: WPC between LVT and Laminate, both have the advantages.

WPC vinyl flooring

Wpc click floor


SPC (Stone plactic composite), SPC floor is extruded from the extruder with T-die extrusion of PVC substrate, three-roller or four-roll calender, respectively, PVC wear layer, PVC color film and PVC substrate, The one-time heating and embossing products are simple in process and close to heat.

SPC click floor

click vinyl floor