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Why Chinese SPC Viny Flooring Getting Popular
- May 23, 2018 -

Lock floor, simply refers to the floor paving process, can completely nail, glue free, keel free, directly laid on the floor of the floor.

Compared with the traditional floor, the locking buckle floor completely overcomes the problems of the seams, warping and drums in the process of the floor under the cold and hot dry and wet process, and saves the room height, and can be repeated and disassembled and used, economical and practical! The following are the following characteristics:


1. more stringent requirements for the base material

The locking force of the lock floor is mainly determined by the connection between the mouth and the tongue of the tongue. Because of the function of the tenon and tenon, in general, the lock floor can bear very large tension, so the lock floor has a higher requirement on the physical properties of the density, expansion and relative humidity of the base material, as well as the production equipment and the processing technology.


2. overall paving effect is good

When flooring is floorlocked, floors and floors can be gently knocked into the trough. Because of the effect of locking force, the lock floor extends as a whole with the change of temperature, and the overall hardness is higher than that of the ordinary plastic floor. The effect of heat expansion and contraction is smaller, avoiding the local uplift, solving the internal deformation problem and the overall paving effect is good.


3. free rubber paving

Generally, plastic floors need to be brushed at the base level when they are paving. Although they do not need to brush their glue, the self adhesive floor is still without glue. Although the glue used for plastic floor is generally a very environment-friendly water-based glue, many people still stay in the stage of "glue is not environmentally friendly". Because of the locking force, the lock flooring is generally adhesive free, and the joints are very close. It has good waterproof effect.