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Why Choose PVC Flooring
- Jul 26, 2018 -

 What is Vinyl Flooring?

luxury vinyl flooring

The new generation of vinyl flooring offers convincing natural wood and stone looks that anyone can install and maintain no problem. Vinyl flooring was created for the busy world we live in, where convenience is key and everyone is searching for the lowest price.

vinyl plank

 Benefits of vinyl flooring

1. Easy, DIY install

2. Easy to maintain

3. (Relatively) inexpensive

4. Resilient and comfortable underfoot

5. Large variety in styles and looks

wooden vinyl plank

 Limitations of vinyl flooring

1. Production causes more of an effect on the environment

2. Shorter lifespan (10-20 years)

3. Image is only on the surface

click vinyl flooring

loose lay vinyl plank