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Why Click Vinyl Flooring Is So Expensive
- Apr 08, 2018 -

1. Reusable

Because the flooring of the lock flooring is simple and easy to disassemble, the disassembly is easy and reusable, especially for temporary shops such as exhibitions and stores.


2. Free glue paving

Ordinary flat mouth strengthening wood floor in the pavement needs to use adhesive, but the adhesive contains chemical components such as formaldehyde, easy to cause indoor pollution, less used and afraid of connection is not firm. Because of the role of locking force, even if the adhesive free pavement is used, the seam is also very tight. It will not rise or crack due to the change of temperature.


3. The whole paving effect is good

In the production process, the lock buckle floor adopts the advanced laser calibration quality testing system, that is, laser automatic correction, avoiding the wave height difference, making the mouth and tongue tenon more delicate and more smooth. The industrial standard of lock flooring instead of manual pavement standard reduces the error of manual pavement. When flooring and flooring are applied, it can enter the slot. Because of the effect of locking force, the lock floor extends all around with the change of temperature, avoids the local uplift, solves the internal deformation problem, and the whole paving effect is good.

4. Paving in public places and stadiums

In general, the wood floor is not suitable for the ground paving of public places and stadiums, because people's activities or sports are easy to cause cracks in the floor, and the lock floor has super strong lock force, which is suitable for the ground paving of public places and stadiums.