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Why Do More And More People Prefer Resilient Floor To Wood Floor
- Jun 21, 2018 -

There are mainly three kinds of wood floorings sold in the market today, namely solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring and laminate wood flooring. Some products have reached national or international standards. Its national standard is the E1 standard, and the international standard is the E0 standard. The E1 standard means that 1 litre of air contains less than 1.5 mg of harmful gas. The E0 standard means that 1 litre of air contains less than 0.5 mg of harmful gas.

Resilient flooring

No matter what kind of wood flooring material contains harmful gases, but the amount of the size, it should actually be said that the degree of harm caused to the human body is different. Generally speaking, the harmful gases mentioned here refer to benzene-like highly toxic gases and helium-based gases. The flexible floor is formed by the high-temperature compression of PVC plastic floor. It does not volatilize any harmful gases and will not cause any harm to the human body. From the perspective of human health, zero-formaldehyde, zero-irradiation, and zero-pollution elastic flooring will undoubtedly become the ideal flooring for home improvement.

vinyl plank

1: overhead floor of wooden flooring, bacteria spread, harm to health.

2: Wood flooring is afraid of water, cracks in water

3: Adhesive on wood floor, easily affected by thermal expansion and contraction

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4: Wood floor, delicate texture, weak wear resistance

5: Wood floor cuts, generates dust and causes indoor pollution

6: Most wooden floors should not be laid warm