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Why Luxury Vinyl Tile Or LVT Is Your Best Choose For Home Improvement
- Jun 29, 2018 -

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT): Water-resistant and versatile!
Looking for a hardwood-look in your kitchen or bathroom? Want water resistant and beautiful flooring for a tight budget?
Need flooring that’s durable and easy to clean?
Luxury vinyl tile or LVT is your answer!


LVT combines the natural, organic look of hardwood, stone or ceramic flooring with the resilience, toughness and low maintenance of vinyl flooring.
The result?
Durable flooring that holds up to extremely cold or hot weather but mimics the look of some of your favorite, less affordable materials. You’ll love LVT if you’re looking for flooring that:

1: Offers a variety of styles and looks to choose from
2: Is an easy, quick install

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3: has tiles and planks that can be individually replaced so you don’t have to replace your entire floor
4: Is very moisture resistant
5: Is a breeze to clean


One of our favorite LVT products—because it’s so durable and beautiful—is 3C Solutions waterproof flooring. Available as planks or tiles in a huge range of colors, it looks like wood but performs where wood wouldn’t hold up. Its patented layered construction adds cork for sound insulation, an extruded core for stability and more layers to ensure both a beautiful, easy to clean finish and a tough surface which resists dents and scratches.