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Why No Ceramic But Resilient Floor
- Apr 04, 2018 -

Now we go to the hospital, walking on the floor, there will be a very soft and comfortable feeling, looking very smooth, but never wrestling, which is why? Probably many people don't know, because in our life before, they were basically ceramic floors or cement boards. In fact, this is a new popular environmental protection floo


Why do modern hospitals choose such PVC resilient flooring? First, the health care organization is expressly prescribed. For some grades of hospitals, it is necessary to select PVC resilient flooring. The two is the environment. Any hospital has strict requirements for the environment. Most ordinary floors cannot meet the requirements of the hospital for the ground environment.


Floor is a very important part of building a hospital environment. PVC elastic floor is rich in color, and the color matching can be combined freely. Meanwhile, the splicing of PVC resilient flooring can be made according to design and color matching. Through the design and collocation of PVC's elastic floor's figure and color, we can create the pattern of visual therapeutic effect and healthy and optimistic heart suggestion.