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Why PVC Flooring Can Reduce Noise
- Apr 18, 2018 -

PVC floor is affiliated with flexible floor and has higher elasticity than other floor materials. In the paving process, the self-leveling treatment of the grass-roots level increases the overall flexibility and elasticity!

Normally, we can call it a sound insulation board with a soundproofing capacity of 30 decibels, and PVC vinyl flooring can reduce noise by 20 decibels, which is already very close to the sound insulation effect of the sound insulation board!

laminate floor          

We know that KTVs, discotheques and other places often reduce the noise by installing a floor sound insulation pad. The floor sound insulation pad can make the entire ground form a floating structure through the elasticity of the nano-foam, and the solid sound transmission effect is severed.

pvc floor

PVC flooring in the paving process, you need to do the cement self-leveling, the original ground through the cement self-leveling treatment, and then laying PVC flooring, the final structure is similar to the floating structure, to a certain extent, we can cut off the solid sound effects, enhance Acoustic impedance force, so that the sound in the propagation process is constantly attenuated, smaller.

In addition, the structure of the Plastic floor is not completely dense, and there are small holes between the materials. This not only allows the floor to have better elasticity, but also can change the frequency of sound transmission and weaken the sound energy through these small holes. Reduce the effect of noise!

plastic floor

Vinyl flooring can also reduce sound from the source. In a high-traffic environment, the noise generated by the collision between the heel and the ground can be greatly reduced, thereby creating a quiet environment.

resilient floor

The material structure of the PVC laminate floor itself determines not only its comfortable feet, but also can reduce the noise very well. It is very helpful to create a comfortable, quiet and humane environment! Therefore, in hospitals, libraries, offices, schools, nursing homes and other places has become the preferred floor decoration materials!