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Why Vinyl Floor Better For The Cement
- Apr 09, 2018 -

The surface of the floor tile is relatively small in friction coefficient and easy to skid. If there are old people or children in the home, the floor tiles are more serious for the elderly and children, and the floor is not easy to skid. It is more suitable for home paving.


A lot of people's eyes, floor tiles and wooden floors than easy maintenance. In fact, although the floor tiles look good maintenance, but it is easy to appear black seam, and scratching is obvious, bad one to all change. But now the problem of compound reinforced wood flooring can be replaced by single chip. Wood floor difficult maintenance has been the past, now whether it is solid wood floor or reinforced floor in the wear resistance has been greatly improved, the floor is due to good wear resistance and free of late maintenance of many problems.


The floor has advantages for indoor thermal insulation, while floor tiles have relatively fast thermal insulation and relatively poor thermal insulation performance. Especially in the winter without heating, or near the winter in spring or autumn, and the winter without heating, the whole floor will feel very cold and uncomfortable for people.