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Wood-Grain Vinyl Flooring For House
- Nov 09, 2018 -

House is a very important part of life, which means that it is also the place we stay the most, often suffering from a lot of wear and tear. So you need floor materials that are easy to clean and anti-wear. Although Hardwood Flooring is beautiful and successfully used in many home décor, it may not be the best choice because it is easily damaged by wet conditions. Fortunately, you can now get the perfect hardwood look and the materials you use are more suitable for the home. That is the Wood Grain PVC Flooring.

Wood pattern SPC Click Floor

Wood Look LVT Vinyl Floor

PVC Vinyl Flooring is a luxury vinyl product sold on boards, just like hardwood. This format gives the vinyl a structure similar to hardwood. More importantly, it also has an ultra-realistic wood pattern design. In addition to quality and aesthetics, what features does PVC Vinyl Flooring provide, making it an ideal choice for your home? Here are some of the advantages that PVC Flooring will appeal to you:

1. Perfect moisture resistance - This is a great feature in home renovations, and spills are usually everyday.

2. The exterior has a high-quality look that makes you feel comfortable.

3. Easy to install - you can place it on an existing floor.

4. Affordable.

5. Easy to clean - just use a wet mop to get a new look.

6. Durable - An important feature of high traffic areas.

Waterproof PVC Vinyl Floor

SPC Flooring

Waterproof WPC Flooring

SPC and WPC vinyl Flooring

PVC Vinyl Flooring is an easy to use material. It can be quickly installed and cleaned, making it ideal for residential DIY installations and does not require much maintenance. Most importantly, it has a variety of wood look that is perfect for your interior design.